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You don't need to watch every video all the way through, but it's interesting to get a taste of the different types of ways that people interpreted and played with this content. The easiest and most passive way for people to engage with this content is to simply repost a copy of the video on their own channel. This differs from embedding or linking the original video because it represents the desire for someone to create a carbon copy and pass that around. There are several copies of this video available already. People could do this for several reasons: to jump on a hot topic and increase their channel views, or because they like the video so much that they want to "own" it and push it out from their channel.

Being Self Employed & Starting Your Own Business In Canada

Either way it adds to the viral-ness of the content. Continue Reading. Where did January go? Last time I checked it I still had a few days left, lol, next thing I know it's the second week of February! It was a truly remarkable experience to be able to see some of the brightest people get together and exchange ideas.

I'm finally back in Toronto and really diving head-first into my writing.

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Gilbert's last work, "Eat, Pray, Love" was an international best-seller and she is now struggling with her next novel, wondering how she can top her last success and fearing that her biggest accomplishment might now be behind her. Her fear around creativity definitely resonates with me, as I muck through my own writing processes. Her travels through Italy, India and Indonesia resulted in the megabestselling and deeply beloved memoir Eat, Pray, Love , about her process of finding herself by leaving home.

Her work has been the basis for one movie so far Coyote Ugly , based on her own memoir, in this magazine article , of working at the famously raunchy bar , and now it looks as if Eat, Pray, Love is on the same track, with the part of Gilbert reportedly to be played by Julia Roberts. Not bad for a year off. Hi Everyone! Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This book covered many of the same topics as the Dummies book, but seemed to be more detailed, and of generally higher quality.

I'm not surprised, because it's authored by the senior vice president and editorial director of Entrepreneur Magazine. The Dummies book was structured by topic accounting, sales, taxes, etc. In that way, it provides an even easier to follow plan than the Dummies book. I especially liked the sections on choosing a name, promoting your business, and tax-deductible expenses.

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I skimmed or skipped the parts about buying a business, seeking investors, and anything about running a physical store or office, since those don't apply to me at this point. This book was published in , so some of the information about office equipment, technology, and the Internet is inevitably dated. Still, the concepts remain mostly sound. Create a highly-focused niche based on socioeconomic status, generation, gender, lifestyle, tech savviness, and life stage.

Update your business plan annually to reorient yourself and catch any potential problems. For income tax deductions for a home-based business, track the percentage of your rent, cleaning costs, and utilities that apply to your business. You can contribute to a SEP even if you're the only employee. Use "errors and omissions liability" insurance to cover mistakes such as deleting a customer's files.

The best ads promise a benefit. Tell prospects what's in it for them; use "you" instead of "we".

Successful ads prove your unique advantage over competitors, and motivate prospects to take action. Share simple DIY instructions, then an offer to provide more advanced service. Small, frequent ads are better than large, infrequent ones. Brochures are more professional than fliers. Present yourself as an expert by speaking to groups, giving seminars, writing in trade publications, and appearing on TV or radio. Sales Pinpoint your USP unique selling proposition.

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Prospects have many needs, but one "hot button". To overcome the objection about high prices, explain that you offer more services, a better warranty, or higher quality. Make sure workers you classify as independent contractors meet the IRS' requirements. Keep detailed records of all business expenses: equipment, business expenses, auto, meals, entertainment, travel, home office. Use fast, intelligent failure: try many ideas simultaneously, and keep only the positive elements.

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When rejected, ask why. You'll learn how to help that customer or others. Shelves: business. I like to regularly look at my coaching business and my investments as if I'm starting anew and bought Start Your Own Business as a standard to check against. It had a few items I incorporated, but is designed for someone starting a business from scratch.

Its worth the effort to read before learning by trial and error. This is a great step-by-step business start up book; but it's pages for no reason. Lessons on teamwork from Homer Simpson? World-renowned architect, Moshe Safdie, on organizational design? Joe Boxer, guerilla marketer? How can vision turn a single Toronto motel into the global luxury Four Seasons chain? Isadore Sharp shares his insights. How can anybody sell a multimillion-dollar pharmaceutical company in just one week?

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Leslie Dan Tells you how he did it. I Learned From a Canadian offers first-hand insights, experience, and best practices from twenty-four business and culture leaders, all of whom have achieved excellence in a particular area of business,at home and on the world stage. Some are household names, others are barely known outside their own industry, but they all share the secrets of their amazing success. With additional mini-profiles of four entrepreneurial up-and comers, this new edition offers more advice and inspiration than ever. Each chapter features 5 Things You Need to Know - the essential lessons from the leaders and entrepreneurs who have been there and done it all.

You'll learn the best of business wisdom, get practical advice on company building, and discover how to prosper in one of the most challenging market environments in history. This book offers management lessons that are as entertaining as they are instructive, all built around the deep thoughts and insights of leaders who are the best in business.