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The person should be happy and content when he accomplishes his mission, when he is blessed in this life, and when he knows about how to.
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Not to use earthly things for this end is to lose the hope of eternal happiness; but to make them our end and to be dependent on them no less deprives us of the end for which we were created.

What Is Your Idea of Perfect Happiness?… The Proust Questionnaire.

We must therefore use them only in so far as they help us towards the attainment of our last end. When they hinder us we must cut ourselves free from them. We must not serve them, they must serve us. The teaching of Christ can alone satisfy the heart of man.

The reason of this is, that earthly sufferings do not render unhappy the man who follows Christ. The whole life of the Christian is a carrying of the cross and a suffering of persecution. That is, the servant of Christ has no claim to a better lot than his Master Christ.

We must expect the men of the world that is, those who seek their happiness in this life to regard us as erratic people and as fools, to condemn us and to hate us 1 Cor. To be loved and praised by the world is to be the enemy of Christ.

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The principles of the world are in contradiction with those of Christ, and the world regards as a fool him whom Christ declares blessed Matt. He who trusts in God builds on solid ground. The patriarch Joseph derived advantage, not harm, from being persecuted; the pious David was persecuted, first by Saul, and then by his own son Absalom.

All the saints of Christ have been persecuted, but God has turned to good the evil that their enemies thought to do them. The end of the worldling is misery as we have seen, and the just man is persecuted. No one can escape sickness, suffering, death.

The world is a valley of tears; it is a big hospital, containing as many sick men as there are human beings. The world is a place of banishment, where we are far from our true country. In the world good and ill fortune succeed each other like sunshine and storm.


Prosperity is the sure forerunner of adversity. We update our blog several times a week, with news and comment on ministry, theology, the Bible, liturgy and issues of the day. And that is especially so when the things we believe in cannot be seen. It also means we believe what he says, in a world that is not certain what is true and what is fake news.

The existence of Jesus To believe in Jesus means at the very least that we believe in his existence.


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When we talk about Jesus, it is not make believe, a game. He is not a fictional character. Jesus was born a Jewish man, living in Israel at a time of Roman occupation over years ago. The Gospels — that is, the biographies of him in the Bible — give us detailed genealogies so we can locate him in time and space as part of a particular nation, a particular tribe, a particular family. Those Gospels also give us his context and backstory, and an amazing amount of detail about his life and work. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.

Perfect Happiness

Because of these things that he did, and especially because of his death and resurrection, his early followers came to believe that Jesus is the Christ, or Messiah. What does that mean? Listening to Jesus There is more to it than simply believing that Jesus exists.

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No serious historian ever doubted his existence! What we mean by it is that we believe what the other person is saying.

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It is the same with Jesus. To say that we believe in Jesus Christ means that we give him credence. We give him credit.