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Beneath a quiet village, dark crimes lie buried. When decomposed human remains are discovered in a suitcase behind a locked door in the home of an elderly.
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The blood was cleansing and had purified the sins of his old teacher.

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It was an apt end for those who had conspired to kill his father. Outside the front of the house were various wooden planters containing pansies and cyclamens, which gave the garden a cheerful splash of colour.

A large oak tree , surrounded by daffodils , towered over the left side of the house near the detached double garage , and Karen could make out the long, sweeping branches of a weeping willow behind the garage. Pausing after she shut the car door , she drank it all in. She could hear the sound of water and guessed there was a brook or stream behind the house. It was peaceful — tranquil, even. The knotted branches of a lilac caught her attention.

It would be flowering before long, and would look beautiful in a month or two. Karen pressed the key fob to lock the car , and then turned when she heard footsteps on the gravel.

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A man dressed in a cream knit jumper , faded jeans and a pair of green Wellington boots trudged towards them. He had a ruddy face , greying hair and a healthy, outdoorsy look to him. And Mr.

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Watlington is always talking about how difficult it is to perform in our cafeteria with its glass walls and bad acoustics and the constant distractions that come with the room. Parents need to know that Where Secrets Lie is designed for audiences in middle school and older and would be good for families to watch together. However, audience members younger than twelve might not understand some of the topics in the scenes.

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Then some of the scenes deal with disappointment, heartbreak, teen pregnancy, dysfunctional families, good friendship, fake friendship, the whole teen world. Watlington is excited about the live music for this show. And between each scene, live music will be played to set the tone. The CHS Culinary department is providing popcorn and drinks before the show and intermission. And in an effort to create a more intimate experience for the audience, only seats are available for each show.

So with two performances, the students get to feel a little of what a production run is like, the audience can select the date that best fits their schedules, and we can limit the size of the audience so that our back row is not very far from the stage. I wonder what other secrets lie beneath this town.

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The responsibility to protect information deemed to be secret should lie with Governments, and State officials responsible for this should be held accountable. Secret or lie , call it what you want. The secret to every great lie is it has to run parallel to the truth. The secrets of the cosmos lie through the wormhole. There I was again, keeping secrets , living a lie. Every day, I feel like there's a new secret , a new lie about my parents and what they've done.

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